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Clarity on work experience, education, training & motivational fit:

Please provide a brief overview of your work experience in the last 5 years: i.e. the positions you have held as well as a list of responsibilities you had to fulfill

Describe your level of competence and skill specifically related to teaching and training:

Please provide an overview of your highest level of education and training:

What is your motivation to apply for the TIC Training of Trainers course and why?:

Describe your level of Islamic training:

Read Good Fair Non-existent
Speak Good Fair Non-existent
Write Good Fair Non-existent

What is your experience in working in the area of human rights?:

Are you able to dedicate a consecutive 3 month period to this training?:

Describe your work experience in working within the global queer community?:

Are you willing to become a TIC trainer?:

Do you have any medical information that TIC would need to know about?:

Is there any information that needs to be disclosed that might prevent you from being fully present during the training?:

Do you have any questions that you would like to have answered?:

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